Book FOUR in the Space Fleet Sagas ---

     Daniel Cooper and the Wraith ship, Cassandra, are yanked from space-fold. Shanghaied by pirates and taken to the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Recruited to save a princess and prevent an Empire from overrunning a peaceful alliance.

     Sounds more fantasy than science fiction, but exactly the adventure Coop needs to recenter his life after almost dying.

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The New Urban-Paranormal Adult Fantasy by Don Foxe.

Cahal Kearney is Dúnmharú -- Executioner / Assassin / Murderer -depends on where you stand.

When something evil breals through one of the Seven Gates, dimensional portals, and begins killing witches, Cahal is called.

Using ancient magic, modern technology and his half-human, half-Fae heritage, he most confront the plane-traveling murders and find who brought them to Earth.

Take a spirited journey through the South Carolina Lowcountry with the ghosts who lived its history.

Discover the truth behind legendary hauntings, as the author collects poetry from the apparitions attached to famous locations and infamous events from the past.

A unique opportunity to learn about ghosts, from the ghosts. Paranormal poems collected and presented with the story of enticing each spirit to manifest. Poetry created by haunted souls to set the record straight about who they were and why they remain after death.

AMAZON #1 Hot New Release.

Meet Don at the 2018 SWFL SpaceCon.

Don will be at the event Saturday, June 16th and Sunday, June 17th.

He is hosting a panel on Sci-Fi Character Development Sunday, June 17th from 10:30-11:30am

Lee Civic Center North Fort Myers, Florida

There will be a Sneak Release of THE FAVOR.

Dúnmharú Serial.