The Butterfly's Guide To Haiku

A workbook for discovery of Japanese haiku style and format.

Designed for any beginner - created to help writers imporve their abikity to connect and communicate by learning minimalism in conveying life into words elciting emotional responses.



Take a spirited journey through the South Carolina Lowcountry with the ghosts who lived its history.

Discover the truth behind legendary hauntings, as the author collects poetry from the apparitions attached to famous locations and infamous events from the past.

A unique opportunity to learn about ghosts, from the ghosts. Paranormal poems collected and presented with the story of enticing each spirit to manifest. Poetry created by haunted souls to set the record straight about who they were and why they remain after death.

AMAZON #1 Hot New Release.

CONDUITS is the sixth Star Fleet Saga featuring Daniel "Coop" Cooper and Elena "Elie" Casalobos.

Release April, 2020

from Caballus Press of North America

Cahal Kearney - The Dúnmharú

     returned from Pandaemonium with the Black Queen's daughter, Leann Shae, the Grey Princess, close behind. If he can't redirect her a war between the Seelie and UnSeelie will break out on Earth.

Annabeth Hughes - Vampire

     is learning the ropes as an Overlord. Trouble is brewing in Central America.

Cahal sets a trap on a distant, deadly world. Annabeth journies to the dense rainforests of the Maya.

Both must face the DARK.

Dúnmharú - DARK

Book 3 in the Dúnmharú Serial Urban Fantasies

April, 2020