Earth's first interstellar capable battleship, John F. Kennedy, the SFPT-109 must complete a final shakedown cruise before a full crew is introduced. Captain Daniel Cooper, the ship's Artifiicial Intelligence, Kennedy, and the AI's avatar, Genna are to test all systems while working together as a team for the first time.

First contact occurs when an alien ship filled with refugees fleeing a galactic conflict arrives at the edge of the solar system.

Push Earth into a conflict with an unknow race of killers, or push the refugees away?

Book Two in the Space Fleet Sagas.

Space Fleet mobilizes to confront an extraterrestrial threat, but which aliens are the real threat, and can non-human allies be trusted?

A United Earth is threatened by a conspiracy determiined to desolve a central government, and steal power in the aftermath of chaos. How many friends are enemies?

Confrontation is coming for Daniel Cooper and the alien-human blended crew of the SFPT-109. 

Seasons of Henka Suru - Haiku Exchanges Co-Author: Melissa Dolber Grappone

39 haiku exchanged between friends over three seasons.

Allusions and interpretations of nature designed to lift the spirits and ease the pain of change.

Book One in the Space Fleet Sagas.
Amazon #1 To 100 Japanese/Haiku

Amazon #10 / Top 100 Poetry / Literature


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This Book Will Be Reissued as

a SECOND EDITION, Aug., 2017.

It is unavailable until then.

Haiku Seishin - Haiku Exchanges w/ 5th Graders

                           Co-Author: Melissa Dolber Grappone

Amazon #1 To 100 Japanese/Haiku

Amazon #10 / Top 100 Poetry / Literature


Exchanges in haiku with Fifth Graders from East Granby, Conn.

Includes intro to Haiku short story and haiku workbook so anyone can enjoy haiku expression.

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Four Short Stories

Two Novelettes

Backstories from before the launch of SFPT-109 in CONTACT AND CONFLICT.

From Mars to the Middle East, stories of discovery and adventure introduce you to the Space Fleet Sagas past, characters, and issues that create the new world.

SPACE FLEET SAGAS - A Collection of Adventures

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Action/Adventure Short Stories.