Earth's first interstellar capable battleship, John F. Kennedy, the SFPT-109 must complete a final shakedown cruise before a full crew is introduced. Captain Daniel Cooper, the ship's Artifiicial Intelligence, Kennedy, and the AI's avatar, Genna are to test all systems while working together as a team for the first time.

First contact occurs when an alien ship filled with refugees fleeing a galactic conflict arrives at the edge of the solar system.

Push Earth into a conflict with an unknow race of killers, or push the refugees away?

Book Two in the Space Fleet Sagas.

Space Fleet mobilizes to confront an extraterrestrial threat, but which aliens are the real threat, and can non-human allies be trusted?

A United Earth is threatened by a conspiracy determiined to desolve a central government, and steal power in the aftermath of chaos. How many friends are enemies?

Confrontation is coming for Daniel Cooper and the alien-human blended crew of the SFPT-109. 

Book One in the Space Fleet Sagas.

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Haiku Seishin -

Haiku Exchanges w/ 5th Graders 

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Four Short Stories AND Two Novelettes

Backstories from before the launch of SFPT-109 in CONTACT AND CONFLICT.

From Mars to the Middle East, stories of discovery and adventure introduce you to the Space Fleet Sagas past, characters, and issues that create the new world.

SPACE FLEET SAGAS - A Collection of Adventures

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Action/Adventure Short Stories.


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Book Three in the Space Fleet Sagas.

Daniel Cooper, with help from an unexpected source, must dismantle the conspiracy to disolve the United Earth Council.

The John F. Kennedy, PT-109 faces an armada of enemy ships. Trapped in a volatile region within a hostile star system, the fate of Earth, and the Galaxy depends on Space Fleet.

The conclusion to Space Fleet Saga's first trilogy, ALIENS & HUMANS.

Adult Urban and Paranormal Dark Fantasy.

Seven portals connect Earth to other planets and other dimensions. Portals protected by magic cast and maintained by Legacy Witches. Something evil has broken through. Worse, someone on this side helped.

The modern world is a place of incredible advances in technology. Humans have shared the planet with witches, vampires, and the Fae for aeons. The new tech competes with ancient magic, and sometimes things go sideways. Cahal Kearney is half-human and half-Fae. He is Dúnmharú. Assassin - Executioner - Murderer. Your definition depends on where you stand. His job is to stop bad people (human or non-human) from doing bad things.

When non-terrestrials attack he uses every advantage available; ancient magics and the magic of modern technology to stand against plane-traveling horror.




Veresk D’Sey, privateer, is an agent for a superior race of aliens trying to maintain order in the galaxy. His current assignment places him and his crew between two empires on the verge of war. He needs help, and the one person with the skills, equipment, and know-how is on the far side of the black hole.

No longer a member of Space Fleet, Daniel Cooper is on his way to the Planet Fell and a new start. On the edge of giving in to his sexy traveling companion, his ship is violently yanked from space-fold.

Coop, his ship, and the ship’s avatar Cassie have been shanghaied by pirates. Forcibly recruited to help prevent the destruction of a peaceful alliance of planets.

In payment for services, Coop will learn the origin of humans, the truth behind the Martians, and why only twelve people survived the Space Ranger reengineering experiment. All he needs to do is save a princess, face off against six-hundred Shroud Fleet ships, and endure trans-dimensional travel.      

Ancient Aliens, Future Technology, and Military Strategy Connect In An Epic Adventure.

Space Fleet Sagas continue with a fourth adventure. Discover the origins and the connexions between humans and aliens.       SAMPLE

Dunmharu has everything you want in a paranormal murder mystery. Lots of action, exceptional world-building, fascinating history, a hero who saves the day, and earns his scars doing it, hot sex, and a little bit of romance, too. I savored this story over one weekend and look forward to reading more stories from this world.  Cerce Rennie Murphy. Author of the ORDER OF THE SEERS series.

Seasons of Henka Suru -

Haiku Exchanges Co-Author: Melissa Dolber Grappone

Cahal Kearney, the Dúnmharúreturns. He has to repay the favor asked of the Maerrighan in THE SEVEN GATES. All he has to do is plane-travel to Pandaemonium, home of the Black Queen, get by thousands of evil UnSeelie, rescue his father from the Queen's dungeon - a Fae he has never met - and escape. Or die trying.

Annabeth Hughes, the nineteen-year-old vampire who died and rose in 1854, is ask a favor by her sire, Bishop. Go to America and take control of the coterie of vampires left behind by Arina's arrest for murdering witches. All she has to do is stop the slaughter of innocents about to be streamed live across the internet.

THE FAVOR takes you from Earth to Tir na Nog, across the dimensions to Pandaemonium. You will travel from London to Atlanta, Georgia. Discover more about Kearny, Hughes and the Fae, vampires, witches, and humans which inhabit the Earth and life of the Dúnmharú.

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Poetry - History - Short Stories - Ghost Stories

Revisit SC Lowcountry ghost tales in a whole new way.

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Elie Casalobos and the PT-109 are fighting for their lives on and above the planet Phisor.

Tab Barnewell must find and stop the conspirators intent on destroying the United Earth Council.

Both receive help from unexpected places.

Daniel Cooper returns from a 10-day mission to find out he has been gone NINE MONTHS. While he was gone old enemies and new ones have placed Earth, Space Fleet, and his friends in peril.

CONTRAVENE - Book 5 in the Space Fleet Sagas available at all booksellers.