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I enjoy every part of the writing-publishing aspects of modern fiction. One thing that keeps me engaged is trying to decide how a character looks. I know I give descriptions, and I realize people like to imagine characters their own way. Having a "person" looking back at me while I write about them helps me connect with the personality. If every person in a novel deserves their own voice, they also deserve an avatar.

The graphic representations of characters from Dúnmharú are my work. You may or may not agree with my imagination, and you are welcome to keep how you see someone yours alone. 

     The faces are usually a mixture of stock photos, as are all other graphics. I use,,, and when I do purchase a license, it is from Other than fictional characters, these representation are not indicative of anyone real, living or dead.

Michele Quan first appears in THE SEVEN GATES when she picks Cale Kearney up at the airport in Quebec. She was a creation from the story, and not someone I had in mind prior to writing the book.

Chinese-British, her grandmother is the Fire-Elemental Legacy Witch, Yao Quan. She is a witch, a Brewer, and self-professed poor example.

More importantly, she is the top security asset for the Council of Four. Proficient at hand-to-hand combat, small arms, and ---- driving skills.

She's too cool and much too hot not to bring back in future stories.

Cahal Kearney "Cale" is half-human and half-Fae.

His father is a Fae Royal and warrior who is not present for Cale's birth, childhood, or his transformation into the Dúnmharú, the Enforcer for the Council of Four.

His mother died during childbirth, as did his twin sister. An unsolved mystery remains as to why she left North America for Europe so near to term. 

His grandmother is the Air Elemental Legacy Witch, Simone Sinclair. If those elements aren't enough to create conflict, his girlfriend is a two-hundred-year-old 19-year-old vampire.

Dae for Deagen (Black Hair in Gaelic) is his adopted black German Shepherd.


Pronounced dune - MAH - roo. An old Irish-Gaelic term that translates to MURDERER, or possibly, ASSASSIN. The Dúnmharú is the title of the Council of Four's enforcer. 

Annabeth Hughes - Vampire. She is an intriguing character. Born into poverty in 1835 London, she befriends Bishop, the only vampire in the British Isles. In 1854, at the age of 19, she falls victem to the London Plague that swept through the Soho district. Bishop "saves" her by turning her into his ward.

Trained as a warrior, she is a creature of the London night-life . . . clubs, bars, and parties.

Cahal comes into her world at the age of 12. She must teach the future Dúnmharú how to fight. His crush grows as he matures and they begin an on-off relationship.

Annabeth loves fashion and music almost as much as a good kill-or-be-killed fight. Guns, swords, knives, or hand-to-hand is fine with her . . . and. of course, teeth.


This one can become very confusing, which makes Morgan a wonderful character. One of the most powerful Seelie, she is part-Fae, part-goddess, and total badass.

Sometimes I use her other names -- Morrighan, the warrior, or Crow, the collector of Fae souls lost in battle, or Maerigan - Queen of Nightmares. More convoluted is she represents not one person, but sisters  Badb, Macha and Nemain. She is a confusing and confused myth and when she is in the story you must pay attention.

All Fae deal with personality disorders, shifting between images and living for eons, but Morgan defines multiple-personality.

Her introduction in THE SEVEN GATES is tame. I truly hope there is more to come from her.

Oh -- one more thing. She's married to Cahal's father but she is no mother.

Arina Kishka

is a first-generation terrestrial vampire. Her sire, Ssara Den, a non-terrestrial vampire, survived the Human-Vampire Wars. After centuries as a protege, Arina was turned 20,000-years ago. Ssara Den's region included what is now North and Central America. As his first turn, Arina was given the area (now) mid-Atlantic Coast, across the Gulf of Mexico, and south to Central America.

She and cahal become lovers after he leaves Annabeth, and I almost killed her off in THE SEVEN GATES. A creature able to survive two-thousand-centuries can survive a novice writer.

Photo Stock used to create Arina by Joshua Rawson-Harris and city background by Flip Mroz - both on

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